[Infographic]: Be a Sales Superhero in 2018


Though we are in the spa business, much of what we do revolves around sales. Whether it is selling retail or an upgraded treatment, sales—for better or worse—is part of the process. The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research offers nine tips for being a sales superhero in 2018. Key tips include:

  • Bring insights to your buyers: Buyers are seeking your insights. Educate yourself on all products and treatments your spa offers and relay that information to your clients.  
  • Listen and understand buyers’ needs: 75% of top-performing sellers listen to their buyers’ needs, according to the RAIN Group. Creating a custom treatment plan plus home-care recommendations for your client can mean bigger sales. 
  • Minimize risk: 61% say that a good seller will help them avoid any pitfalls they may encounter after a purchase, according to the RAIN Group. For estheticians and spas, this could translate to having a satisfaction guarantee or hassle-free return policy in place for clients who purchase retail.

Check out the infographic below for more tips. 

171201 Infographic Nine Ways To Crush Sales Goals
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