Even if you are allergic to asking for money or have no clue what to say.

It was the most amazing facial I had ever experienced, and I was so relaxed that when the esthetician removed the warm paraffin booties from my feet, I felt a tear in the corner of my eye. I was just so sad the treatment was coming to an end. Ok, I’m exaggerating. I wasn’t crying, but my tear ducts were so relaxed they couldn’t perform their function.

In that moment, if the esthetician had suggested that I could feel like that again if I would stand on my tip toes for 17 minutes on top of my car in the middle of a traffic jam wearing a bikini that didn’t suit my body type, I would have buckled up and hit the road. Instead, I paid my bill, left a generous tip and went home:

  • Without the next service booked, because nobody asked;
  • Without the products that would enable me to mimic the amazing treatment in my own home, because nobody asked; and
  • Without a recommendation for another service I would enjoy equally if not more, because nobody asked.

That esthetician was an expert. I trusted her. I wanted what she had to offer. What a shame I didn’t get an opportunity to enjoy products and services she thought my body, mind and spirit would benefit from. What a shame that she spent so much time to become an expert esthetician and so little time learning the art of sales. Okay, did I lose you there? I had you right up until I used that five letter word, sales. You are not alone. Lots of people in industries across the board have an aversion to sales. I’m on a mission to change that because when you are good at what you do and you are a good salesperson, everyone wins.

Before I share the secret sauce I’ve been teaching professionals for more than 20 years, you have to promise me that you will use your powers for good and not evil.

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Merit Gest, CSP, is a keynote speaker, author and creator of The Merit Method: 3-Day Intensive for a Lifetime of Sales Mastery. For upcoming program information, visit

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