Leo SPA & Salon Management System Introduces Customizable Features for Spa Owners

Leo SPA & Salon Management System Introduces Customizable Features for Spa Owners

Leo SPA & Salon Management System released new and improved features that aid salon owners in running and growing their business. The management system prioritizes feedback and tailors its features to each client's individual business needs. 

Leo's salon management platform features a user-friendly interface, scheduling services, customer and employee management, online payment integration, AI-driven customizable marketing and more. The platform offers a complete vision dashboard where spa owners get an all-encompassing view of their business' data, allowing them to gain valuable insights into every aspect of their operations, remotely monitor all activity across locations and access statistical data on client and payment history. 

The new features include the Salon Booth Rental program which offers independent stylists access to the management platform at a discounted price. Additionally, salon owners can utilize the new Salon Client Queue feature which allows them to capture appointment and walk-in client information for future marketing initiatives.

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“My husband and I were talking with our friends who own and work at a beauty salon, and they were struggling with business management. They were keeping a record of all their salon data for three locations by hand, spending many hours on payroll,” said Leo Co-founder, Mariam Wanis. “We discovered a significant need for a user-friendly management system that takes care of the data, reporting and payroll, allowing small business owners to focus on what they’re good at — running their salons and serving their clients.”

Leo is continuously making improvements to its platform. In the coming months, the software company will be launching an SMS system that will allow salon owners to automatically remind customers of their appointments, helping limit the number of no-shows and cancellations.

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