Skyterra Wellness Fitness & Weight Loss Resort Changes Perspectives on Well-being


After years of planning, a group of fitness and health experts has launched a new concept vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountain of North Carolina. The Skyterra Fitness & Weight Loss Resort offers clients advanced fitness and nutrition programs in an ideal setting that will inspire them to change their definition of health and well-being.

Learning Wellness 

During the retreat, guests will participate in practical expert lectures, fitness instructions and cooking demonstrations. Nutritionists will feature locally sourced ingredients, and fitness instructors will work with guests to devise plans for sustained weight loss.

In addition to a wellness focus, the spa offers a wide-range of traditional massages and treatments. Among some of their popular treatments, they offer deep tissue massages, Chinese cupping and moxibustion therapy, Reiki treatments and foot soaks. 

Creating a Balanced Life

The goal for the Skyterra Wellness is to develop habits and behaviors that will help create a balanced life

Sue Crowell, founder of the resort, said the goal of the retreat is to “help you reclaim control of your life and create balanced well-being.” 

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