St. Paul Spa Beats the Cold With Infrared Saunas


Awaken For Wellness Spa in St. Paul, Minnesota is a full-service spa with a host of treatment and services. Among their more unique amenities are infrared saunas that take a twist on the original sauna treatment.   

A New Take on an Original…

Unlike traditional saunas that fluctuate between 180 to 200 degrees, these saunas are typically around 120 and 150 degrees. Also unlike the steam saunas, infrared light heats you from the inside out, opposed to heating you from the outside in. 

For first-time users, they are limited to a 30-minute session, but frequent guests can go as long as 40 minutes. Since it isn’t as stifling as steam saunas, clients are allowed to stay in the sauna longer than they would traditional saunas  

…and Just the Classics

Despite the infrared saunas being among their main attractions, the spa also offers other services, such as sensory deprivation tanks, salt therapies and hot yoga. Additionally, they have a range of massages from deep tissue to Swedish treatments. 

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