Solarté Returns to Spas With Revised Formulation


Following a brief hiatus from the market, luxury skin care brand Solarté will be returning to spa, hotels and resorts. In addition to the relaunch, Solarté will be re-debuting 12 products from its catalog with revised formulations.  

In 2004, Angela Jenkins, current CEO of Solarté, acquired the formulation rights to Solarté’s products and began working with formulation specialist Michael Daniel to reformulate them. The newly reformulated products will be inspired by the original formulation and use all natural, paraben-free, ethically produced ingredients. Products that have been reformulated include body lotions, hand creams, shower cream, shampoos and conditioners. 

“Over 20 years ago, Solarté changed how people think about luxury bath and hair products,” said Jenkins. “They were one of the first companies to make elegant formulations, based on proprietary recipes and pure, natural ingredients. After a hiatus from the market, and years of customers begging us to return, we are glad to be able to revive these unique formulations.”

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