Hand & Stone Partners With Pure Inventions to Improve Services


Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spas have partnered with wellness extracts provider Pure Inventions, in order to provide signature beverages in its spas.

Currently, 170 Hand & Stone franchises offer Pure Inventions’ Natural Coconut Water-enhancing Drops to its guests. In addition to this extract, Pure Inventions offers a collection of Antioxidant Super Fruit Extracts including pomegranate with acai berry, blueberry and white tea, cranberry with elderberry.

“Pure Inventions is an ideal partner because it enhances the [spas] experience, and the ancillary revenues from retail sales increase our locations’ overall profitability," said Jack Bachinsky, vice president of advertising & marketing for Hand & Stone. "Offering Natural Coconut Water-Enhancing Drops as our signature beverage contributes to our goal of providing a luxury spa experience that is affordable and convenient,”  

Bachinsky added that their customer base is looking for healthy lifestyle solutions, and drinking water is a critical component of healthy living. "The electrolytes from the coconut take hydration up a notch, and our guests drink more because it tastes great,” he said.

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