How Hot and Cold Therapy Benefits the Skin

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From light therapy to stem cell technology, cryotherapy to ozone therapy, noninvasive, anti-aging technology abounds in today’s wellness marketplace. While the benefits of using cold or heat independently have produced promising results, it's a one-dimensional treatment. Researchers have found that thermal shock delivers more benefits, from reducing fat cells to reversing signs of aging.

Thermal Shock is a painless, all natural technology for physiotherapy, anti-aging and body contouring applications. The treatment combines hot and cold therapy together in skin care and wellness applications.

For estheticians and spa owners seeking science-backed tools not requiring medical oversight to help their clients see faster and more noticeable results, Skin Science Solutions will be hosting "Thermal Shock: The Only Hot and Cold Relationship You Need!" on Wednesday, March 9 at 12:00 PM CST. 

The mini webcast hosted by Stan Kapica, president of Skin Science Solutions, will discuss how thermal shock works and why the marketplace is so excited about this emerging anti-aging/silhouette remodeling technology. The presentation will also help attendees understand the benefits of utilizing hot and cold therapy together in future treatments. 

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