Relax N Revive Offers Cold Plunge Treatment


Taking a plunge into freezing cold water might be the wellness treatment we've all been waiting for. An article by discussed the opening of Relax N Revive in Long Island, New York, and its unique treatments created by the company's owner Isar Castaneda. 

Castaneda created the concept for the future day spa after a friend convinced him to jump into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean in Montauk, a village in New York State. Initially afraid to make the jump, Castaneda couldn't help but notice how refreshed and revitalized he felt after exiting the frigid water. Thus, Relax N Revive was born. 

The Long Island community now has access to this wellness center of sorts that has a wide range of spa and mindfullness treatments that put selfcare first. "It ranges from the cold plunge to saunas, to full-body LED lights, to massage and meditation," says Castaneda.

The spa contains two cold plunge tubs that are placed right next to each other. According to the article one of the tubs is named after Lake George and is between 52 and 54 degrees, and the second tub, which is unnamed, is kept below 50 degrees.

"It's good for like the whole mind, body, and soul kind of situation. It teaches you how to breathe properly throughout your whole body, target injuries, and it just feels good," says one of Relax N Revive's clients Alexis Damico. 

The spa also has sauna rooms, a "Somadome meditation experience" and more. 

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