Telehealth: Skin Care Just a Few Clicks Away


Telehealth is a form of technology for medical professionals to help patients online with the potential of cutting costs and improving overall access to health care. With web-based services increasing based on consumer preference, telehealth is beneficial toward clients in addition to dermatologists.

Dermatologists and doctors alike can now capture digital images of skin conditions through a remote exam, providing an online diagnosis as accurately as one in-person.


The medical technology has increased availability of care, providing dermatology treatment to patients who did not have access to specific health care such as skin.

Additionally, teleservices deliver messages and communication in a more time-appropriate manner because of the ease in streaming over online platforms.

With teledermatology, appointment times can be taken full advantage of, the cost of services can be reduced and revenue for dermatologists is increased.  

Medscape’s Study

Medscape conducted a study on of California-based practices and found “primary care practices that offer teledermatology had a 64% rise in the fraction of patients who saw a dermatologist.” Offices without remote treatment options had a 21% increase.

Patients suffering from minor skin irritations or issues such as comedonal acne—which are easier to diagnose—are more likely to book these appointments.

Medscape noted 46.7% of teledermatology appointments from the study were with patients who suffer from viral skin lesions and acne, which are easily recognized conditions, whether in person or on a screen.

Win-win for Clients and Derms

According to a 2014 census, Florida is populated at 19.89 million and based on the Florida Society of Dermatology & Dermatological Surgery, there are 550-575 certified dermatologists practicing in the state.

The math divides over 33,000 possible patients per dermatologist. This is where telecare comes in providing the option for dermatologists to help patients in need.

Telehealth in the Future

This system was proven to be effective with 96% correctly generated diagnoses and treatments for chronic skin diseases.

Telehealth is available 24/7 at lower costs than regular office visits and allows for more frequent patient visits. 

Source: HIT Consultant

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