Seeking Happiness? Go to the Spa


Happiness, emotional strength and confidence stem from esthetics, according to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

The study came about after researchers noted the links between increased treatment demands by the general population and esthetic dermatology, noting the importance of analyzing the perception of esthetics in the big picture.

“People who are familiar with esthetic dermatology and have a better attitude toward it, are also more self-confident, more optimistic and more motivated with emotional strength,” said the study’s authors.

Scaling Up

Researchers developed the Aesthetic Dermatology and Emotional Well-Being Scale to measure both emotional well-being and perception of esthetic dermatology in 770 Spanish subjects over the age of 18. Results showed that a directly proportional and statistically significant relationship exists between well-being—with emotional "well-being" including self-esteem, assertiveness, optimism and motivation—and attitude toward esthetics.

Study authors also noted that, “it is expected that women may seek more consultation and esthetic dermatology treatments than men do.” Outside data backs this statement up—women make up 75% of spa visitors in the United States. 

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