Tattoo Regret Brings Benefits to Medical Spa Practices


In the U.S., 45 million people have at least one tattoo, according to Pew Research Center. And, 1 out of 4 wishes they didn’t have it. By adding laser tattoo removal into your medical spa practice, you could be tapping into the billion dollar market.

During the medical spa track at Face & Body Midwest 2017, Loretta Zanetti, from Erasable Inc., shared trends, explained differences between  technologies and discussed treatment results with attendees during the "Tapping into the Billion Dollar Laser Tattoo Removal Market" seminar.

“About 40% of college graduates are getting tattoos,” said Zanetti. “The main reason someone wants to remove his or her tattoo is that it no longer represents the person.”

Reasons For Removal

Zanetti shared these insights about tattoo removal.

  • Moms, professionals and military personnel are having tattoos removed. An estimated 70% of females ages 29-45 are getting tattoos removed.
  • The No. 1 reason for tattoo removal is names.
  • Changes in career, poor artwork and the meaning has changed are the top reasons people are having their tattoos removed..

The Esthetics Connection

“Because tattoo removals can take anywhere from six to eight weeks, it’s a great time to share other services your medical spa has to offer,” said Zanetti. And since the actual procedure takes approximately 15 minutes, clients can also add on Botox or even facials.

The Tattoo Breakdown

Zanetti shared that older tattoos are easier to remove. “If the tattoo is 15 years or older and is that blue/gray color, you know the body has already started to break down that pigment,” she explained.

When the tattoos are a deep black and new, however, you might not be able to remove it.

“Size doesn’t matter,” Zanetti said. Location of the tattoo does, though. “Places that have poor circulation, like toes and fingers, are difficult and may take more time.”

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