Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals

Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals
The Medical Laser Safety Officer program offered by GGAMA leads to the highest credentialing for estheticians.


Proper Credentials Matter

There has been a lot of talk in the industry about what an esthetician can call herself. We have heard everything from paramedical, clinical and even Medical Esthetician. I have been certified in several advanced courses and earned the titles. Why would I think I couldn’t use them? I learned that if these schools are not actually board certified by the proper accrediting agency you can get in legal trouble for using those titles.

Guidelines vary from state to state. For example, Nevada now requires estheticians to have an advanced license to perform services like microcurrent and LED. They have not required advanced licensing for these common services in the past.

Changing the Industry Forever

We are officially announcing the launch of our Medical Laser Safety Officer course. If you are a professional seeking the highest level of recognition, using the word “medical” in your credentials, pay close attention to this article. The Gracious Glow Academy of Medical Aesthetics has partnered with the International Academy of Cosmetic Laser Surgery and will be exclusive in the industry offering Medical Laser Safety Officer approved by the Board of Laser Safety in the field of esthetics.

This course is a prerequisite leading to board certification. Certification through the Board of Laser Safety is not just an education and training course, it is a comprehensive program and includes a lengthy certification exam that was developed by experts who are guided by a third-party psychometrician. Passing the Board of Laser Safety exam earns you the honor of being Board Certified and enables you to use the trademarked designation of Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer (CMLSO) considered the medical-legal documentation of safe practices.

Practicing Compliancy is Critical to Keep Your License

  • Are you aware of federal regulations and national standards to which you are held accountable?
  • Do you diligently follow Tort Law and the Standard of Care best practices?
  • Are you properly trained, certified and legally protected when practicing lasers or IPL?
  • Has the managing physician or employer appointed a Medical Laser Safety Officer?
  • Has your place of employment implemented a laser safety program with documentation of Standard Operating Procedures?

Don't Waste Your Time and Money Again

The Medical Laser Safety Officer program offered by GGAMA leads to the highest credentialing for estheticians and qualifies as a prerequisite to sit for the Board of Laser Safety exam and certification.

The Board of Laser Safety Certification will Enable You To:

  • Gain Respect from Peers
  • Increase your salary
  • Fulfill federal compliance
  • Be Board Certified (CMLSO)

Laser Safety Officers work with all types of lasers, including ones for non-medical purposes. A Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer indicates you work with tissue, have passed the proper board exam and exemplify qualified credentials.

It pays to know the difference and the value of what you are getting. If you would like to advance your career in the medical field or practice as a Medical Laser Safety Officer, enroll today for the premiere launch of our Medical Laser Safety Officer program.

Our Medical Laser Safety Program is an online self-study program and offers narration instruction. At GGAMA, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone.

Financing options available. Group discounts are available.

Our training material on laser safety is available for colleges and other educational organizations. Take the first step in the medical field by becoming a Board Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer today!

Tiffany Andersen MLSO, Licensed Esthetician Founder, CEO GGAMA, Clean Cosmeceuticals™



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