More Approachable Beauty

Spring’s new cosmetic colors have sprung, and they are rich, vibrant and bold for the coming sunny season. To learn more about all spring’s new makeup hues, check out the “Approachable Beauty” article in the March 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine, and read on to get an alternative, more economic take on the look.

Several cosmetic only came out with just a few additional pieces for spring, potentially reflecting the economy and its sparse effect on the beauty industry this spring. Makeup artist and beauty expert Candace Corey noted many of the colors she was seeing were pretty dark—nearly fall colors. Red lips, sparse brows, and eyes in dark tones were a few of the cooler touches she noticed, and she commented, “The colors kind of speak to what we’re going through.”

However, she also pointed out that quite a few of the newly available spring cosmetic products have multiple uses—as eye shadows, blushes and even lip coloring. This can also be related to the green movement that has taken hold within the beauty world, as products can be reused for other areas of the face.

Another fact Corey pointed out regarding spring’s hues is that they have a distinctly sexy touch. Dark eyes, rich lips and seamless skin come together for a very alluring look, and pops of colors on the cheeks or a bubblegum pink lip gloss leaves things playful. And while the primary trend is to tone skin down, there are blushes and shadows that add bit of shimmer and glow to the face.

Overall, no matter the money spent, the color or the finished product, what’s most important is for a woman to feel confident and sophisticated in her makeup. Because it is the woman that makes the makeup and certainly not the other way around.

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