The 411 on Extending Your Services into Eyelash Extensions

Woman getting eyelash extensions
Are you offering eyelash extension treatments in your spa?
Yakobchuk Olena

Eyelash extensions are a popular treatment among consumers. There have been countless advancements toward making this treatment last longer and look more natural. However, with the continued popularity growth in this treatment, there have been some set backs. There are many people who are providing this service without the proper certification for a lot cheaper. This can make it more difficult to offer this service in your own spa. 

We asked our readers if they are already performing these services in additions to skin treatments. The poll revealed that 24% are currently providing lash extension services. The poll also reported that 64% do not, and 12% of respondents do not offer lash extensions, but are interested. 

While it seems that many estheticians in the beauty field are sticking to skin services, there are a growing number of pros that are interested in expanding their offerings. We know that this can be intimidating, especially because of the certification requirements. We have linked a few articles that discuss safe lash services, and how to expand into the lash business. 

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