Profit from Eyebrow Design and Brazilian Waxing


Editor's Note: For a step-by-step how-to on how to administer a quality Brazilian, click here.

When you see an eyebrow or Brazilian wax on your books, do you panic? Are you among the many spa professionals who have banned performing these services altogether due to your fear of taking off too much? If so, you’re not alone. These are common reactions to performing two incredibly intimidating waxing services.

If you think that your business can get by without placing these services on the menu, think again. Eyebrow design and Brazilian waxing are some of the most requested waxing services. Spas know this, and many now require spa professionals to be proficient in performing these services. To be successful with these techniques, you have to conquer the fear that goes along with executing them.

Less hair = more money

Waxing, in general, is a high-profit treatment with low overhead that will comprise at least half of your total service revenue, and eyebrows and Brazilians commonly make up a large majority of that.

The hairless trend has spawned the need for a new breed of spa, devoted exclusively to the art of hair removal. These businesses offer every conceivable method to choose from, including waxing, sugaring, threading, tweezing, laser and electrolysis, and everyone from estheticians to physicians are jumping on the bandwagon.

Money is what you stand to lose by not providing these services. Historically, when the economy gets tough and clients tighten their belts, the perceived luxury services, such as facials and massages, are the first to go. Waxing, on the other hand, has become a necessity for some, ranking up there with hair and nails; therefore, it will sustain you through the lean times.

Look at it this way: Many facial services are 60 minutes in length with an average cost of $60. A Brazilian service often is 30 minutes with an average cost of $50. So potentially, in the time it takes you to do one facial for $60, you can do two Brazilians for $100 or more.

The stats on wax

The supplies you need to perform waxing services are minimal and extremely affordable. See Supply Cost for Eyebrow and Brazilian Waxing for a conservative estimate of product costs. See Amount Yielded by One Can of Soft Wax and Amount Yielded by One Can of Hard Wax for a breakdown of profit per eyebrow design and Brazilian waxing service.


So with all that money to be made, why aren’t you cashing in? The likely reason is fear. Eyebrows are quite possibly the scariest service ever. They sit right on the face, front and center, for the entire world to see. Those who have mastered the art of eyebrow design are practically initiated into sainthood for the miracles they perform. Yes, there is stress, but remember that the difference between failure and success when it comes to brows and Brazilians is training and practice.

Done correctly, eyebrow design is one of the most rewarding services you will ever perform. A properly placed and proportioned set of brows has the ability to change the shape of the face, create balance, give the illusion of a more youthful appearance and heighten your client’s self-esteem. It’s quicker than plastic surgery with less downtime—who knew eyebrows could do all that?


The first thing most spa professionals learn about the Brazilian is how much pain is involved. Horror stories about experiences gone awry may make you never want to get a Brazilian, let alone perform one on your clients. The truth is, Brazilian waxing doesn’t have to be as painful as the tales that have been told about it. A Brazilian isn’t pain-free, but it can be a lot less painful, especially when you are depositing that money into your bank account. But to do the Brazilian right, make the client happy and make more money, you have to know and understand the basics.

There is a lot more to performing a proper Brazilian than the basic techniques learned in school. Using the correct product and technique are imperative to performing a superior Brazilian. Experience teaches you how to hold the skin, where and how to apply the wax, and what to do when things go wrong. And they will go wrong.

Brazilian waxing is uncomfortable—period. You know it. Your client knows it. If you become overly concerned with the pain aspect of the Brazilian, you will be stressed every time you perform one. Your nervous energy will make your client nervous, thereby magnifying and prolonging their discomfort. Not only that, it will make them think twice about your capabilities.

Running a close second to pain on the discomfort scale is the intimacy factor. Let’s face it, unless you’re a gynecologist or a midwife, you aren’t used to spending a lot of time in that area. Most will agree that holding a spatula of hot wax over a stranger’s pelvic region isn’t your normal day at the office.

These mental barriers are normal and natural, and you will overcome them in time.

Confidence is the key

When it comes to these and other life challenges, finding the confidence to accept and face them is what makes the difference. Following are some ways to feel secure enough to wield the wax spatula.

Education. In order to perform the advanced services of eyebrow design and Brazilian waxing, proper training is needed. Education takes the mystery out of these services and makes them more accessible. It teaches the skills and techniques needed to execute these treatments with ease. Whether you learn best from hands-on classes, books, videos or a combination of these methods, proper training gives you the base on which to build your skills, and the confidence you need to know you can do it.

Realization. Eyebrow design and Brazilian waxing are specialized services. There is a certain degree of difficulty that comes with performing them on both a technical and a mental level. Learning and practicing correct waxing techniques is just the beginning. The difficulty comes when the wax meets the skin of a paying client.

Acceptance. You are not going to be perfect at performing an eyebrow design or Brazilian wax service your first time out; there is a learning curve. Practice is key. How much practice? Only you can answer that question, but with the right training, a little patience and a lot of persistence, you will be designing and waxing like a pro in no time.

A great investment

Invest in your future and yourself. Conquer the fear and gain the confidence to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from profiting off of these very popular services. The bottom line: Clients want these services, and they are willing to pay for them, and if you aren’t providing them, your competitor will. One little can of wax just might be the best investment you’ll ever make.

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