Performing a Quality Brazilian

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Speed, efficiency, ease, client comfort and smooth skin—these are the goals when performing any Brazilian service. Accomplishing these results requires a plan of attack.

The most important consideration when waxing is sanitation. Clients are becoming more and more sanitation savvy and will be on the lookout for anything that appears unclean. With that in mind, you should always wear gloves and never double dip, which is the practice of using the same stick and dipping it in the wax pot over and over for one or more clients. No stick should be dipped in the wax more than once. Dip, apply wax, toss and grab a clean stick.

Plan of attack

Without the proper plan in place, the waxing process could turn into chaos. It doesn’t matter if you work from back to front or front to back. What matters is how you work. The object is to work smarter, not harder. This is accomplished by developing a strategy that you will follow each time you perform your Brazilian service.

Knowing where to start, what to wax and in what order to wax it takes away the guesswork and allows you to focus on the task at hand, and flow from beginning to end with ease.

What is a Brazilian?

A traditional Brazilian removes all hair in the back and front, except for a strip of hair approximately two fingers in width right down the center of the abdomen. A bare Brazilian removes all hair from the back and the front. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, just make sure you can explain it.

What wax to use

This is a personal choice. Some estheticians like to use soft wax in this area, and some prefer hard wax. Choose what you feel most comfortable with and remember, all waxes are not created equal and neither are their pre- and post-products. Each wax will vary to some degree, so it is important that you know the wax you are working with and use the recommended pre- and post-treatment products because they are specifically formulated to accompany each wax.

Your client arrives

Performing a quality Brazilian begins the moment your client walks into your spa.

Step 1. Great her with a warm, welcoming smile.

Step 2. Ask her if she would like to use the restroom, and offer her something to drink.

Step 3. Take your client into the treatment room, and explain exactly how you need her to prepare for the service. Never assume your client knows what to do, even if she has been there before.

Step 4. Confirm the type of wax you will be performing. By the time your client gets to the spa, she may have talked herself out of the Brazilian, so it’s always good to double check.

Female bare Brazilian

Before you begin, remember that when waxing the Brazilian area, it’s best to work from the outside in. This means that waxing should start on the perimeters and work in toward the center of the body.

Another reminder: Be sure to pay attention to hair growth patterns in each area, and keep a firm pressure when applying your wax. Your job is to remove the hair, and to do this, you must coat the hair and follicle with wax. If your pressure is too light, the hair will remain and/or break off.

Step 1. Use pre-wax cleanser to cleanse the Brazilian area. If your wax protocol calls for it, apply any additional treatments to protect the skin.

Step 2. Start on the buttocks if they are hairy, then work in toward the anus. Remove as much hair as you can while you are back there; this will save time when you have your client turn over to do the front.

Step 3. After helping her turn over to the front, start with the bikini line: The traditional line is 2–3” to the outside of the leg crease.

Step 4. Then move to the labia. Again, work from the outside crease of the labia in toward the center. You may choose to tackle this area in two to three sections, as it is more sensitive.

Step 5. Next, work on the outside sections of the lower abdomen: This is the triangle section.

Step 6. After this, work on the center of the abdomen, more commonly known as the landing strip (down the center). If you are doing a standard Brazilian, you will leave this section intact.

Step 7. Clean up strays by spot waxing. Tweezing is irritating to your client. You don’t need to be obsessive about this step; you will not remove every hair, so just let it go.

Step 8. Clean up your client using your post-wax oil to remove any residue. You can apply this with your gloved hands, and work any little bits off using a waxing strip. Then follow up with your post-wax calming treatment.

Step 9. Don’t forget to recommend post-wax take-home care and re-book her for their next appointment.

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