The Benefits of Body Sugaring


Ironically, one of the best new ideas of the 21st century originates from 400 BC. Inspired by Alexander the Great, the women of Alexandria considered a hairless body to be the standard of beauty and youth. Body sugaring has evolved for more than 2,000 years to be the natural hair removal of choice for actors, models, athletes, swimmers and other body conscious men and women who love personal hygiene and grooming.

Minimalistic hair removal

The ancient art of sugaring has been revived to the forefront of the esthetics world in an ever-growing trend to use all natural products on clients’ precious skin. Sugaring uses only sugar, water and lemon to create the water-soluble paste that removes hair. The hair is not only gone from the surface, but it is also removed from the root, which increases hair softness, and over time reduces hair growth. Sugaring only adheres to dead keratin cells and hair so there is no chance of skin damage, leaving the skin not only hairless, but also exfoliated and smooth.

The sugaring process has the technician apply the sugar paste in the opposite direction of the hair growth by molding it gently onto the skin, allowing the paste to seep into the hair follicle. It is then removed by flicking it off with the fingers in the same direction of the hair growth, allowing for the root to be extracted. There is no need for strips and sticks—just a small amount of sugar paste will complete an entire treatment.

Timing matters

For optimal results, the hair is removed in the anagen phase, which is the period of active growth when new keratinized cells are produced in the hair follicles. This is where the follicle is still connected to the dermal papilla. Each consecutive sugaring treatment results in an easier removal of the root, as the newly growing hair begins higher in the follicle—closer to the surface of the skin. Since the hair is actively growing, the client will immediately see results —thinner, finer hair growth and eventually, lack of the production of new hair growth. With the proper sugaring technique, the root is removed in the direction of the growth, which will allow for no breakage and fewer in-grown hairs.

Clients who consistently sugar the same area every 28 days will notice a definite softer, finer regrowth after three months. The follicle will eventually stop producing new hair growth which will lead to permanent hair loss. This also leaves the hair shaft less attached to the root, and thereby easier to remove.

Estheticians love the process because it allows for a more efficient use of product. Less than a palm full of good-quality paste can remove hair from a large area of the body without ever having to go back for more. Once the paste does finally become saturated with hair and dead skin cells, the professional simply removes the glove with the paste tosses it all away. If the esthetician notices it elsewhere, it can simply be washed away with water.

Sugaring in practice: Sugar of the Nile

Sugar of the Nile was established in 2002 by Lynn Ingram and has acted as a manufacturer and educator in the art of professional body sugaring. Sugar of the Nile uses a paste that contains only sugar, water and lemon with no additives, preservatives or bonding agents. The recipe has been perfected to include five consistencies of paste. The traditional paste acts as a standard all-purpose paste for general use. On the firmer end, there are variations of the paste for hotter areas of the body or warmer more humid climates. The softer and strip pastes are created for those experienced professionals who prefer a much more malleable paste. Sugar of the Nile clients have been blown away by the benefits of an all natural paste.

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Emily Cesario Essay, daughter of the founder of Sugar of the Nile, joined the team in 2004 as an educator after receiving her education degree in 2002 from the University of Manitoba. They offer on going quality training courses throughout the world and provide continuous support. Sugar of the Nile is proud to offer a professional quality product sold exclusively to estheticians and trained sugarists.

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