3 Top Post-wax Skin Woes (And How To Stop Them)


Though many credit “Sex and the City” for hipping them to the joys and pains of bikini waxing, true wax professionals know that hair removal via wax has gone back decades. All signs seem to suggest that even in an era of more “au naturel” options, waxing is not “just a passing trend.” A June 2018 report by Transparency Market Research states the hair removal through waxing is expected to gain a value of nearly $19 million by the end of 2026 globally. This represents a rate of growth of 9.4% annually.1 Are you giving yourself the opportunity to properly earn your piece of this multi-million dollar pie?

As many estheticians are striving to find their niche in the industry, waxing is a viable option. With proper continuing education in techniques and the mastery of a variety of wax products, there is no limit to building a successful wax segment in a spa or as a specialized waxing brand altogether.

With the continued growth of waxing services, so too comes the demand for the care of the skin revealed post-wax. We are skin care professionals after all, right? Many of the esthetics professional groups and forums are riddled with questions and discussions on how to resolve the common skin issues and concerns raised by our waxing clients. This all has combined to create a need for many to be innovative in crafting services and sourcing treatments designed to address skin post-wax.


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Toshiana Baker has served the spa and beauty industry internationally as a licensed skin care therapist and educator for nearly 14 years. She is a passionate organizational leader, dynamic speaker and bestselling author. She founded SpaWorx, a consulting firm to educate, enlighten, and empower spa, beauty and wellness organizations, while growing their financial performance. Learn more at www.spaworx.biz.

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