Creatively Treating Cellulite


Cellulite is a fat that is located just beneath the skin and refers to a dimpling appearance that some people have in low circulation areas such as the hips, thighs and buttock. Cellulite is also a reaction to improper removal of detoxifying waste in the integumentary system. The cure to controlling cellulite does not lie within expensive therapies, diets or creams. Cellulite can be controlled by several modalities. The reduction or elimination of cellulite will cost you more time, patience and dedication to a routine. When treating cellulite and skin imperfections, it is the sum of several treatments that yield the result.

Cellulite Formation

Cellulite occurs in the superficial fat layer known as hypodermis or subcutaneous fat layer. Subcutaneous tissues contain not only fatty tissue but also blood vessels that supply skin with oxygen and nerves. It also stores energy, which the body needs during the period of high activity. The fat lobes in the subcutaneous layer are arranged into chambers by surrounding strands of connective tissues know as septa. Septa hold the fat cell tightly in place and provide structural support for the skin and insulation for the body. Some hormones such as estrogen regulate fat storage and metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer. It’s important to note that estrogen is stored in fat. Cellulite forms when fat cells push upon the septa or septa tighten down on the fat cells. This results in a projection of cells of fat that bulge through into the dermis layer from this chamber. The asymmetrical and contortion of subcutaneous fat gives skin the bumpy look called cellulite.

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Cynthia Malcom is the founder and education director of Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education and Consulting Group. Starting in beauty industry as a nail technician in 1998, Malcom went on to become a licensed esthetician and found her niche as an advanced skin care specialist presenting seminars throughout the U.S. and at the international level. Combining her entrepreneurial spirit with her inspiration to continuously learn, the CIDESCO diplomat has been instructing under the moniker Edgar Renee since 2010. or [email protected].

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