How Seasons Affect Pigmentation

Shannon Esau, CEO Rhonda Allison Skincare
Shannon Esau joins Skin Inc. magazine to talk about treating pigemenation in the skin.

Performing a proper chemical peel is a true work of art. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding whether a chemical peel is the right move for your client, and one major factor is the time of year. Everyone knows that the best time to be conducting chemical peels is in the winter, but does that mean that prepping clients for these peels is completely off limits during the rest of the year? 

The Skin Inc. team sat down with Shannon Esau, CEO and National Educator of Rhonda Allison, to answer this question. Esau dives deep into the understanding of what causes pigmentation on the skin as well as what can be done to prevent it. Watch this video interview to take a deep dive into the ingredients, treatments and home care that can be best used when it comes to treating pigmentation on the skin. 

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