Top Ingredients and Treatments to Remedy Stress on the Skin

Woman before and after smile lines treatment
Stress can have a major impact on the skin including aging and inflammation.

Stress is no stranger in this day and age. In fact, everybody faces stress is some way shape or form whether that be from environmental stressors or raised coritsol levels. This can cause a heavy impact on the skin including concerns like acne, psoriasis, rosacea, inflammation, aging and so much more. Long story short, stress is definitely not a friend when it comes to treating the skin. So, the question is, what can you do for your clients who are experiencing high levels of stress. 

We sat down with Candace Noona, master educator of DermaConcepts, to dive even deeper into this topic and really discuss the brain skin connection. Noonan shares what the brain skin connection is and what that really means, and she continues to tie this all into what that means when it comes to stress on the skin as well. Noonan then shares the ingredients, treatments and devices that are excellent when it comes to treating stress on the skin. 

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