[VIDEO] How To Make Your Brow Lamination and Tinting Services Versatile

Before & After of the Refectocil Brow Experience
This before and after shows the combination of brow lamination and brow tinting services.

Brow lamination is an incredibly popular brow trend right now, but this service can come with a lot of misconceptions. Brow lamination can have far more than just one look, and when it is paired with brow tinting you can create a brow service that really wows your client. On top of "wowing" your clients, combining brow lamination and brow tinting can help you create a completely customizable and versatile brow experience depending on your client's style and preferences. 

Skin Inc. sat down with Chrissie Paraschos, lead educator of Refectocil, to showcase their brow lamination service and how you can pair that with their new Intense Brows System. We have already covered their Intense Browns system in detail with brow tinting techniques, so make sure to check out that video interview as well to get a better idea of the full service. Paraschos provides insight on how their is more than one brow lamination look, and how you can create a versatile experience and service for any of your clients, because just like everything else in the spa industry, there is no one size fits all for every client. 

There is also a downloadable PDF that you can click on to receive a full Step by Step guide to the Brow Lamination service. 

You can find more information out at: 

Brow Lamination Brochure

Intense Browns Brochure




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