Brow Tinting Techniques: 3 Methods to Safely Tinting Client's Brows

Video Interview with Refectocil About Brow Techniques
Chrissie Paraschos, lead trainer for Refectocil, shares her top brow tinting techniques.

The eyebrows frame the face, so knowing how to properly shape and tint your client's brows can make your business big bucks. From carved out brows, to feathered brows to even thin brows coming back in style, brow trends change constantly. However, one thing that will stay is that clients are looking for a service that will have them leave feeling like a million bucks. Covid-19 especially put some extra emphasis on having beautiful brows with masks leaving them being one of the only parts of the face that people could see. Refectocil's Intense Browns Kit allows for three different brow tinting techniques that can help give your clients exactly what they're looking. 

To dive deeper into this concept we talked with Chrissie Paraschos, director of education and lead Refectocil trainer. Not only does she share the importance of brow mapping and show some techniques on how to do so, she provides a demo on the ombre brow technique and discusses how to do the Full Brow and Brow Filling techniques as well. Paraschos also shares the latest brow trends she has been seeing and how the Intense Browns Kit can help you pull off any look your client is looking for. 

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