How Disinfecting vs. Cleaning is Crucial for Spa Safety


One topic in the spa that is not discussed nearly enough would be the proper techniques and methods to cleaning and disinfecting the spa space. This is a less glamorous side of the spa, but it is absolutely crucial for spa safety. One common question that goes unanswered and unexplained would be what is the real difference between cleaning your spa and disinfecting your spa. Truth be told, it comes down to doing a lot more than quickly wiping down your surfaces inbetween clients. 

Skin Inc. sat down with Milica Petkovic, director of Virox Technologies Inc., to further discuss the science behind disinfecting your spa. For spa professionals, cleaning comes down to having effective products that don't take long to work, so we dive deep what you should be keeping in mind when it comes to proper spa sanitation. 

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