Product Penetration: The Next Generation of Skin Care Technologies


When it comes to treating skin concerns, understanding skin care ingredients and technologies is a must. Knowing the latest ingredients that are hitting the market or becoming popular in skin care is crucial to providing effective treatments to clients as well as recommending appropriate home care. When it comes to using trending ingredients in the treatment room, it is also important to know what devices can be used with what treatments. We chatted with Natalia Sotelo, VP of Sales of GdC Beauty Group, to dive deepter into what you can expect to see when it comes to groundbreaking ingredient technologies in skin care for 2023. 

In this video, Sotelo discusses where skin care ingredient technologies are advancing to in the coming year. One major avenue discussed is product penetration and Germaine de Capuccini crafted a nanopolymer for just that. Join us to learn more about this specific nanopolymer and how it aids in product penetration as well as what skin care ingredients to keep an eye out for for the coming year. 

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