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Spring here we come! Though it may not seem like spring in certain parts of the country, March is the official start of spring! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and flowers are beginning to bloom. It is a great time of year to introduce clients to the bounty and wonder of powerful flower ingredients to help shed dull winter skin and make way for bright, rejuvenated and hydrated skin.

Benefits Flowers Bring to Skin

As elegant and delicate as flowers are, they also have very potent benefits for the environment and our skin. Flower-based acids, masks and corrective formulas support skin at the cellular level working to rejuvenate, provide lightening and brightening benefits, protect from free radicals, firm and tone, and deliver vital antioxidants.

Top Buds in Pro Series Formulas

The RA Pro Series line contains several formulas that incorporate flower extracts to boost treatment room results and fill the room with the remanence of Spring.

Hibiscus Sabdariffa extract is a star ingredient is found around the world, typically in a warm, tropical climates. The extract is a next generation alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from the hibiscus calyx, the green part of the flower that protects the bud and is rich in citric and pyruvic acids. The extract increases rejuvenation and hydration in the skin cells 14% higher than traditional AHAs, while exhibiting good cutaneous tolerance.

This extract is found in our Hibiscus Peel, Flower Acid Peel and 12 Flower Mask, and it's very effective in softening and dissolving cystic lesions, balancing oil production, brightening, softening texture and stimulating collagen. Hibiscus flower is also known for its ability to increase the production of glycosaminoglycans – Natural Moisturizing Factors – more than lactic acid. Naturally rich in pyruvic acid, this extract also stimulates cellular energy for optimal skin function.

Lotus Japonicus Symbiosome extract is a model legume helping plants with growth. For the skin it is rich in antioxidants, has tyrosinase-inhibiting properties and provides an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect on skin. This unique ingredient also contains leghemoglobin, which mimics hemoglobin, giving skin cells a boost in oxygen. Both the Lotus Peel and 12 Flower Mask contain lotus flower extracts.

Rosa Damascena Flower is an essential oil that promotes good skin tone, elasticity and helps even color, creating a more youthful complexion. Rosa naturally contains over 300 compounds that help address inflammation, bacteria and healing in skin. You can find this amazing ingredient in our Hibiscus Peel, and our Creamy Milk Cleanse.

Michelia Alba Flower extract, known as magnolia flower, is found in our 12 Flower Mask and contains high percentages of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and photo-protective properties.

Rosa Canina Fruit, derived from rose hips, is naturally rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and contains lycopene and carotene, which are two very strong antioxidants. This nutrient rich, ultra-hydrating ingredient is one of the powerhouses in our 12 Flower Mask.

Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Spring Treatments

While we recommend using Pro Series products that contain flowers year-round, flower acids, like lotus and hibiscus are favorites among clients this time of year. These non-irritating, yet powerful rejuvenators provide potent pro youth and brightening benefits, protect from free radicals, deliver hydration and antioxidant support.

The Flower Power Revival Series consists of two ultra-hydrating, skin strengthening facials paired with a collagen stimulating, corrective peel. All three treatments incorporate beautiful flower extracts and healthy nourishing results.

Add 12 Flower Mask into your facials for pro youth or pigmented skin and let the aroma of a beautiful bouquet of flowers relax the senses and stimulate the skin. Blend with our soothing Milk Mask to lessen the stimulation or add a few drops of Naturale Mega Brightening Serum to boost brightening on thicker, photo-aged skin.

Hibiscus Peel is an excellent option for all skin types, especially your pro youth, pigmented, rosacea, and compromised skin. This formula may be incorporated into a corrective facial or chemical peel treatment, as it delivers premium results without causing much irritation upon application. Combine with our Mandelic Complex, a blend of mandelic, phytic, and pyruvic acids, this solution truly supports the skin from the inside, out.

An excellent choice that may be used in protocols ranging from progressive to mid-depth, this solution is also used in advanced corrective facials for its exfoliation, moisturizing, firming, and cellular support properties. Get into the springtime mood this season and let the power of these flower ingredients deliver beautiful results for you and your clients!

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