Dermaglow Eye Shields: Protect Your Client’s Eyes During Facial Procedures

Eye Shields Dermaglo Resised 800 450

Make Safety and Client Comfort Your # 1 Priority

Dermaglow protective eye shields are specially sized to protect your clients’ eyes during facial procedures while allowing access to the sensitive skin around them. They are latex-free and incorporate a gentle, hypoallergenic silicone adhesive to provide your client with the ultimate comfort and protection without irritation.

Use for Virtually Any Facial Treatment

Perfect for use with microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermaplaning, harsh scrubs, eyebrow waxing, masks or LED. 

Saving You Time and Money

Dermaglow protective eye shields are more convenient, sanitary and economical than trying to protect your clients’ eyes with cotton balls, goggles or eye patches that must be hand-sanitized and reused. The product is individually wrapped and disposed of after each use giving your clients confidence that you have their health, safety and comfort in mind. 

Bring your Facial treatments to the next level! 

Order or Request Samples at https://www.dermaglow.com/eye-shields


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