[PODCAST] All About Acne: Devices for Treating Acne

Woman with acne on her face
See what treatments and ingredients are great for treating acneic skin.

Skin Inc. was joined by Alex Hernandez and Kelsey Duque from Face Reality Skincare in the second of a two part series on the Sounds Like Spa podcast. While the first Acne Awareness Month episode covered everything about becoming an acne expert, this second episode took a deeper look into the treatments, modalities and ingredients that can really help in the treatment room. The Skin Inc. team was joined by acne experts Alex Herandez and Kelsey Duque from Face Reality Skincare to take a deeper dive into what to look for in acne imposters and how to treat your acneic clients. 

The full episode of this podcast can be found on Spotify as well as Amazon Music

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