PHAs Vs. AHAs: The Sensitive Skin Solution

PHAs Vs. AHAs video interview
How PHAs are an excellent exfoliation option for clients with sensitive skin.

Move over alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) because poly hydroxy acids (PHAs) have been all the buzz in the spa industry. When it comes to exfoliating PHAs are making big headway as a trending ingredient in the treatment room. So, this may lead to some questions like what are the key differences between AHAs and PHAs, and how do you know which acid to choose for which client? Skin Inc. chatted with Trace Beeby, global technical training manager, Ultraceuticals, to gain more insight on what all the buzz around PHAs is really about. 

Beeby discusses how PHAs are providing a breakthrough avenue for treating and exfoliating skin for sensitive clients. She goes into greater detail on how Ultraceuticals, a brand well versed in AHAs are developing new products and treatment protocols in PHAs. Join us to learn more about the benefits of PHAs, what clients this ingredient is best suited for and how you can optimize this ingredient in your treatment room and retail area. 

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