5 Skin Health Trends for 2024

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Hydrafacial released its 2024 Skintuition Report detailing skin health trends.
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Skin care is constantly evolving, and with the power of social media and beauty influencers, there is always a new trend making waves. Looking ahead to the new year, BeautyHealth's Hydrafacial Company released its Skintuition Report predicting five powerful trends they believe will influence the skin health industry in 2024.

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1. Medicalization of Beauty

Hydrafacial predicts that consumers seeking the biggest bang for their beauty dollar and efficacy above all will invest in proven treatments, backed by clinical studies.

2. Rise of the New Influencer

Consumers will increasingly turn to skin health professionals like M.D.s and estheticians to help shape their beauty routines.

3. Flawless Skin

The report suggests that perfect-looking skin will become a subtle statement signaling an investment of money, time and knowledge in their skin health.

4. Retro Ingredients and New Delivery Methods

Providers are reaching for tried-and-true ingredients like peptides, finding novelty and efficacy in new formulas or with device-supported applications.

5. Personalization Powered by Data

Hydrafacial expects data to play a starring role in how products and treatments will be enhanced and personalized to consumers’ needs.

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