Colorado Ranks First Among States Interested in Wrinkle Remedies

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Colorado is the state most interested in wrinkle and antiaging treatments, according to research from Misumi Skincare.
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Research from Misumi Skincare looked at the average monthly Google search volume behind terms related to wrinkles and anti-aging skin care products and scaled this against each state's population to reveal which state is most actively searching for ways to treat their wrinkles.

Colorado ranks first with 312 searches per 100k residents, followed by Massachusetts and California. The research also shows which state is most interested in Botox, with Colorado again topping the list. Colorado's search frequency per 100k people is 52% higher than the national average (205 searches per 100k people) determined by Misumi.

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Massachusetts is searching for wrinkle remedies the second most with 298 searches per 100k. California, a state known to be particularly cosmetic-heavy and concerned about physical appearance, was third on the list with 291 searches per 100k.

New York was the fourth most interested in anti-aging products, but the state also has some of the most expensive injection prices in the United States, per the report.

Ranking fifth is Florida with 275 searches per 100k, which is 21% higher than neighboring Georgia and 67% higher than their other neighbor Alabama.

On the opposite end, the state least bothered to address their wrinkles is Mississippi with 125 searches per 100k, almost three-fifths (59%) fewer searches than Colorado, Also among the least-concerned states is South Dakota with only 135 monthly searches per 100k, and Arkansas with 142 searches per 100k. 

Ten states most concerned about wrinkles (average searches per 100k people):   

  1. Colorado (312.2)
  2. Massachusetts (298.2)
  3. California (291.4)
  4. New York (280.2)
  5. Florida (275.8)
  6. Arizona (271.4)
  7. New Jersey (266.3)
  8. Washington (259.5)
  9. Illinois (254.1)
  10. Rhode Island (248.1)

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