Transforming Client's Skin Care for the Summer

summer skin

Summertime is closer than you think, and with the change in seasons come the change in skin care. The Chicago Tribune has curated a list of ways your clients can switch up their routine to adapt to the summer sun.


Of course, the more time spent outside, the more SPF if needed (and needed to be reapplied). But protection doesn't stop there. Anything from wide-brimmed hats, umbrellas and sunglasses can help protect the skin and eyes from the sun. 

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Lighten Up

With warmer weather means lighter products. Clients can put away the heavy moisturizers and opt for something lightweight like gel. 

Vitamin C

The water-soluble antioxidant destroys free radicals and works to increase the formation of collagen, and according to the Tribuneit can be used with SPF to provide more protection against photodamage.


Clients should make sure they are staying hydrate both inside and out. This includes drinking lots of water and making sure the skin is also hydrated with moisturizer. 

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