Zibahub Launches Inclusive Beauty Service Finder App

Photo: ZibaHub.
Photo: ZibaHub.

ZibaHub has launched its Ziba App for Inclusive Beauty, an app to help people find beauty and wellness experts with specific expertise and focuses on inclusion.

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Ziba provides a way to find the stylists and wellness professionals based on the user's physical feature and core values. 

The app allows people to find beauty consultants who understand and appreciate all hair types, including Black hair, from barbers to protective hair practitioners. 

It also includes the ability to find practitioners who can respect and balance faith and beauty needs, such as those who wear hijabs, which can create unique challenges for the health of the hair. The app can identify a space with limited exposure to meet any modesty requirements.

Users can find specific service providers with the following filters:

  • Accessibility
  • Plus-Sized Love
  • Family
  • LGBTQ+
  • Hijab Safe
  • Protective Styles
  • BLM
  • Gender-Affirming
  • Clean Services
  • Mental Health

Now, Ziba also has a COVID provisions filter with detailed information on the safety protocols of service providers. 

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