How to Create Privacy & Peace in a Spa Interior with Pelo West

Spa Interior: Pelo West
Recently opened, Pelo West, located in Louisville, provides both skin and hair services for guests.
Photo courtesy of Jessica Mahorn Photography

This month’s spa interior feature is providing all the good vibes. Recently opened, Pelo West, located in Louisville, provides both skin and hair services for guests. This unique space prioritizes functionality while also providing a one-of-a-kind experience for clients. The spa’s owner, Kaitlyn Kubert, sat down with Skin Inc. to discuss the importance of creating a space that you love, along with how to create a location that helps clients find privacy and peace.

Skin Inc. (SI): Tell us about the aesthetic of your spa's interior and the emotion you are looking to evoke from customers?

Kaitlyn Hubert (KH): Our aesthetic is black, emerald green and gold. The vibe is very calm and moody, and we look to evoke a feeling of relaxation and seclusion from our customers. We want them to feel hidden away in their own peaceful sanctuary.

SI: What inspired your design components and process?

KH: Being my third spa and salon location, I definitely built on the design of the others, but I also pulled some inspiration from an Italian salon where I worked in the West Village of Manhattan. 

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SI: What is the most important thing to remember when designing a successful spa space?

KH: Pick a design that is true to you and the type of client you want to attract. And don’t skimp on the details! 

SI: Does your spa have any unique features or design aspects?

KH: We feature artwork from several local (Louisville, KY) artists throughout the spa, all of which are available for purchase. We also reupholstered an old pedicure bench with a super fun cow print fabric. I love what a focal point that’s been!

SI: What advice would you give to someone who is designing their spa's interior? 

KH: Choose your color palette, incorporate textures, create zones for different activities, focus on comfort and functionality, make it smell good, include luxurious touches and pay attention to detail. 

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