Study From Total Beauty Media Group Shows Strength of Luxury


In a new study from Total Beauty Media Group, data from the company’s respondents showed that women, regardless of age or income, have spent money on luxury beauty products within the past 12 months. While 43% of consumers made their luxury beauty purchases through discount websites in the past year, the majority of respondents choose to buy these products from specialty retailers—furthering the overall luxury purchase experience, even during a time when increasing numbers of consumers are closely watching their spending.

Additional key insights from the study include:

  • More than 50% of respondents purchased makeup or skin care as their last luxury brand beauty purchase.
  • All respondents regardless of age or income have spent money on luxury beauty products within the past 12 months.
  • More than 43% of respondents purchased beauty or personal care products through a discount website within the past 12 months. This makes beauty and personal care products the most popular category among respondents for online luxury discount shopping, ahead of designer clothing, designer shoes, spa services, vacations, fine dining, concerts, sporting events and “other” luxury goods.
  • Across all ages and income, the top two channels for purchasing luxury beauty products were specialty stores.
  • Quality came out ahead of price as the most important factor cited by respondents when selecting a luxury beauty product.
  • More than 60% of respondents spent less than one hour or no time at all researching their last luxury brand beauty purchase.
  • Sampling was the number one factor cited for influencing a purchase, followed in second by reading product reviews from other women.
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