10 Ways to Jump Start Your Sales

According to skin care expert Ellen Clark, the beginning of the year is the ideal time to set goals for the upcoming year and renew your enthusiasm for your business and your clients. She offers the following tips to jump starting sales.

  1. Build your credibility. Become a specialist in the eyes of your clients and community.
  2. Change your display and merchandising. Add color, sparkle and POS cards.
  3. Collect your clients’ e-mails and keep in contact with them.
  4. Emphasize relationships and brainstorm ways to create more customer contact.
  5. Increase sales per customer; brainstorm and create the incentives.
  6. Make your spa a “lifestyle” spa and a place to host events.
  7. Capitalize on the gift-with-purchase promotion to move slow-selling products.
  8. Educate your clients about how they can enjoy all that you have to offer.
  9. Read Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable (Portfolio Hardcover, 2003) by Seth Godin.
  10. Have fun and exceed the expectations of all your clients with your enthusiasm.
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