Impulse Purchasing—Bolster Revenues by Maximizing Counter Space


Using a smart retail mix display at the front desk can bolster revenues with its subtle suggestion and increase visibility of retail overall. The front desk is a point of high client contact, as guests tend to linger to ask questions when checking in and out. This often overlooked area is now being highlighted by many large retailers who strategically use it for complimentary purchases. Incorporating this strategy can enhance the look and feel of the checkout experience and increase retail sales.

Here are three key factors to follow when maximizing counter space at the spa.

1. Retail mix

Showcase new, trendy or popular items most at the front desk that are in the right price point to be easily purchased without much extra thought on cost. Begin with a more conservative approach. Think of retail prices under $20 for grab-and-go, or seasonal and kitschy items under $40.

Next, find what can be thrown easily into a purse or bag for a cash-and-carry concept. Look at what services and other retail items are being offered to gauge what will be a fit at the front desk. A perfect examples for this are scented lotions to be sampled while waiting on the transaction or SPF lip balm that is easy to add to a ticket.

2. Placement

Use actual retail items to enhance the look and feel of the front desk area, instead of baskets of miscellaneous items stacked at the point of sale terminals.

Highlight products as décor with gorgeous trays or glassware. Enhance the checkout experience overall and make the display pop by adding some filler items for sparkle or color. If products have beautiful packaging, use that as decoration, coordinating other items within the theme to tie it all together.

Remember that these products are a reflection of the business and need to fit the demographic of guests. It’s important to keep the counter space functional, so limit the number of items highlighted.

Many times retail at the desk can also trigger guests to peruse not only the offerings at the front desk, but also look at the retail floor itself to see what other products are available.

3. Timeliness

Holidays and seasons are some of the easiest concepts to create a theme around. Look for items that fit with a season, such as products containing SPF in summer or the latest product in your current retail line as a roll-out introduction. Couple the product with a current promotion or treatment as another creative tie-in.

Also consider enhancing the front desk with a seasonal scented candle—that just so happens to also be a current retail item at the spa—nestled in a large glass hurricane. Use the scent to create ambiance in the retail area while lifting the moods of clients, enticing them to make purchases.

With a little time, an eye for décor and a good knowledge of client demographic, guests will be easily engaged and enticed to purchase new products at the front desk.

Si Author J Nardone 3001

Jorinda Nardone is the director of spa operations at Green Valley Ranch Resort, a four-Diamond Resort Destination in Las Vegas. Her goal is to change the face of spa sales and marketing, while increasing revenue potential and offering exceptional customer service.

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