Setting the Course for Business Growth

All successful businesses begin with a well-structured business plan that acts as a road map to success, including a mission statement and a standard operations manual. Once the foundation for success is set, it is time to focus on establishing team goals and a strategic spa marketing plan.

Standard operating procedures manual

A standard operations manual should reflect your mission statement goals, expectations and policies. It should include all guidelines within your business, such as uniform policy, compensation plans and benefits.

Mission statement

The mission statement embodies the skin care facility’s philosophies, goals, ambitions and principles. Many companies have a mission statement that is tucked away in a business plan or a drawer. Each team member must have a clear understanding of what the business philosophy is, and work together to follow the path in order to grow the spa. Everyone on the team should also know your business creed and unique selling position.

Clear goals and expectations

Team members need to have a clear understanding as to their responsibility to the overall goal of the business. They must have a goal for retail sales, professional treatment upgrades, client retention and rebooking of appointments.

Goals and results

Depending on their overall scope and your desired timeline for achieving them, goals should be set and then evaluated monthly, weekly or daily to ensure success. Consistency is the key when setting the expectations for your team. In order for each employee to achieve the established goals, they must know where they are in relation to each goal. Daily postings are recommended, featuring encouraging and motivational thoughts.

Team members who reach their goals deserve a reward. Your spa vendors are a great resource for this.

Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is an important process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.1

Your spa’s marketing strategy should do the following.2

  • Define overall business goals.
  • Include a definition of your business, a description of your products or services, a profile of your target users or clients and a definition of your company’s role in relationship to the competition.
  • Help you judge the appropriateness and effectiveness of your specific marketing plans.
  • Include a summary of your spa’s offerings and position in relation to your competition.

A marketing plan will contribute to ensuring a competitive edge, ongoing profitability and a strong bottom line. Your plan should do the following.2

  • Include a practical application of your marketing strategy.
  • Define specific actions you will implement to achieve the goals of your marketing strategy.
  • Include details about your spa’s unique selling position.
  • Include a pricing strategy, a sales and distribution plan, advertising and promotions.

A clear path to success

Developing a course for business growth is not an overnight task. Give yourself plenty of quiet time to consider the best strategy for your spa, and then work with your spa’s team to institute it, helping give your spa a clear path to success.




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Maritza Rodriguez-Aouanough has worked directly in the capacity of image and marketing consultancy with some of the most renowned professional skin care brands on the market. She is currently the global vice president of marketing & communications for Pevonia International and its related brands.

Dawn MacLellan has been well-recognized in the spa industry for more than 20 years. She is currently vice president—U.S. direct sales with Pevonia International. They both can be reached at 800-738-6642, or via e-mail at [email protected].


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