PCA SKIN Expands in Canada With Partnership


PCA Skin has announced a partnership with Salient Medical Solutions to bring PCA SKIN skin care products and education to the Canadian market.

Salient Medical Solutions, a medical technology source, represents some of the top medical manufacturers and brands in Canada. Some of the technologies that they have provided to the Canadian market include the InMode Aestheic Platform, EVLA, ARTAS robotic hair transplantation, a Picosecond tattoo removal system and a C02 laser for vaginal rejuvenation.

Salient Medical Solutions has already launched PCA Skin as their exclusive skin care brand. Commenting on the move into Canada, Michael Larrain, CEO of PCA Skin said, "Alongside their team of established sales professionals, we look forward to expanding the breadth of our product offerings and enhancing both the education and support we offer to our Canadian partners."

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