Partnership Helps Promote Esthetic Wellness


MedResults Network (MRN) has introduced 3,000 members—highlighting the correlation between overall wellness and the results of cosmetic treatments—to Virtual Health Partners (VHP) in a collaboration to promote esthetic wellness. The partnership will focus on supporting nutritional care to clients of plastic surgeons, medical spas and esthetic medical physicians.

“For many of us, late nights at the office, stress and errands can get in the way of balancing a healthy lifestyle,” said Jillian Cohen, CEO and co-founder of VHP.  “However, doctors say that prior to and after any esthetic treatment, whether it is a facelift, liposuction or even injectables, it's important to focus on fitness and nutrition for optimal results. The VHP platform can be used before and after procedures to help providers' clients reach and maintain their desired esthetic outcomes.”

MRN members will have virtual access to a team of wellness specialists through their phones, tablets or computers and are able to offer this to patients. Patients are also able to schedule live one-on-one nutrition appointments and access live, virtual nutrition, fitness and lifestyle modification classes and a library of on-demand resources.

“I often recommend that clients commit to healthy living in order to feel and look their best,” said Monique Ramsey, medical spa director at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre and an MRN member. “Having access to the VHP platform allows me to interact with clients pre- and post-treatment, to ensure that they are keeping up with a routine that will keep them looking their best.”

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