GLO30 Announces Multi-unit Franchise Agreement in Nashville, Tennessee

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GLO30 is a subscription-based skin care studio.
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GLO30 has announced a multi-unit franchise agreement with Lindsay Fountaine and Sanna Danley in Nashville, Tennessee. Together, Fountaine, a human resources professional, and Danley, a former entertainment industry leader and current cosmeceuticals executive, represent a powerful fusion that aligns with GLO30's commitment to providing a unique skincare experience.

The duo cite the brand's rapid national growth, elusive membership model and industry-leading unit economics as key deciding factors for acquiring a GLO30 franchise. 

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GLO30 partnered with Fransmart in January 2023 and has already seen an 875% increase in units open/in development since their first franchise deal in May. This latest agreement in Tennessee marks another multi-unit agreement and joins Arizona, Nevada, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland and Virginia.

GLO30 is targeting the top 50 MSAs in North America for franchise growth with an emphasis on areas with high foot traffic and a thriving community. With a model that can thrive in urban, suburban, corporate and even tourist areas, GLO30 is designed to be as adaptable and efficient as possible to scale across the country.

“As people, we’re not looking for a service, we’re looking for an experience and to make connections," said Fountaine. "That first conversation you have with somebody at the front desk is crucial, and the aesthetics that bring people in is key. I could tell from our Discovery Day experience and meeting Dr. Lamba that GLO30 really created that meaningful experience at their locations. Sanna and I are so excited to be a part of bringing that to Nashville.”

“It’s not about us anymore,” said Danley. “You know, I come from an amazing upbringing where people built true community, and now it’s time to put my own stamp on that legacy with GLO30. I want my daughter to see the success that comes from making something happen. I want to use GLO30 to build a legacy for my family and provide joy for our future members. We’re go-getters. I mean, you can’t outwork us, you can’t out-care us. We signed up for three, but we want this to be a staple in Nashville. Nashville is booming and full of energy, and we are ready to start this exciting journey and bring the GLO30 brand to the Music City.”

Dr. Lamba, said, “Their passion for fostering meaningful connections and their commitment to elevating skincare experiences aligns perfectly with the values that fuel GLO30's success.”

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