Beauty Health Introduces Hydrafacial School Partner Program for Aspiring Estheticians

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Beauty Health has introduced an education program for aspiring estheticians.
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The Beauty Health Company has announced the Hydrafacial School Partner Program designed to support and educate aspiring estheticians. The program introduces Hydrafacial’s groundbreaking skin health technology in the classrooms of accredited esthetic schools across the U.S. and emphasizes the company’s ongoing commitment to estheticians.

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Piloted first with select Paul Mitchell Schools and Aveda Institute locations, the Hydrafacial School Partner Program offers participating schools and their students progressive and enhanced training curriculums, special pricing on Hydrafacial delivery systems and consumables, access to continued education programs beyond graduation and other special offers throughout the year.

The Hydrafacial School Partner Program is a natural extension of Hydrafacial’s tradition of education. Known in the industry as a top educator of estheticians, Hydrafacial has trained more than 40,000 estheticians worldwide through its proprietary HFX, HFX Business and Hydrafacial Connect programs, which include modules on Hydrafacial treatment protocols and partner skincare brands, treatment room selling techniques, social media marketing tips and more.

"Estheticians have always been Hydrafacial's number one focus from day one. We are thrilled to expand the Hydrafacial School Partner Program just in time for National Esthetician Day and our annual Estipalooza celebration,” said BeautyHealth president and CEO Andrew Stanleick. “We recognize the role estheticians play as trusted 'skinfluencers' to their clients, and we will continue to offer innovative products, real-world skills training, and celebrations of estis and their confidence-building craft.”

“The Hydrafacial School Partner Program is a game-changer for the education of estheticians,” said Jennifer Haack, institute director at the Dallas-based Aveda. “By providing access to cutting-edge technology, training and resources, we are preparing our students with the knowledge and confidence they need to excel in their careers and the treatment room thanks to a more sophisticated understanding of the science of skin health, treatment modalities and ingredients.”

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