Cannabis Company Acquires Float Spa to Enter Market


THC Therapeutics, a publicly traded cannabis health company, has acquired Go Float Yourself in hopes of expanding its wellness offerings

More than Float Therapy 

Per the agreement, THC will take over the 3,200 ft2 spa in Las Vegas. In addition to continuing the flotation therapy, the company is expanding the spa to include a kombucha bar, kava bar, an oxygen aromatherapy bar and a relaxation lounge room. The company also plans to offer vitamin IV therapy and massage treatments. 

THC Therapeutics has hired Kathryn Moroz of Spa Advisors Inc. to advise in renovations and development of the spa. The company is currently in talks with physicians and nurses to fill the medical aspect of their treatments.  

Expanding Their Brand 

Commenting on the future of the spa side of their business, CEO Brandon Romaneadded, “We plan to establish as many as 50 spas or more in the next 5 years. We will soon be the only publicly traded spa that one can invest in.”

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