Hold My Beer, I'm Getting a Facial


A new hotel and spa may take beer treatments to the next level. BrewDog has announced a campaign to raise money for a one-of-a-kind beer hotel and spa in Columbus, Ohio.

The hotel dubbed "The Doghouse" will be a 100,000 ft2 vacation destination equipped with many craft beer amenities. Each room will be equipped with a beer tab and an in-shower beer fridge. For luxury suite goers, they will have access to a hot tub filled with one of BrewDog's signature beers. Additionally, the hotel's spa will offer many beer-based treatments including massages and facials

"From the hop-infused face masks and malted barley massages, to the beer-infused breakfasts and built-in shower beer fridge, The DogHouse will be a mecca for those craft beer geeks seeking a vacation with a difference," said BrewDog's CEO James Watt.

The hotel and spa have a projected open date of late September 2018.

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