Flotation Therapy Comes to San Antonio


iSofloat has opened its doors in San Antonio as the area's first spa that focuses on Restrictive Environmental Stimuli Therapy (REST) or "floating." REST relaxes the body by allowing it to achieve complete relaxation in a calm environment. They body perceives floating as a deeper sleep that allows healing to happen throughout the treatment.

This pain relieving treatment allows the client to relax, restore and recover while decreasing the outside world stimuli and letting the body enjoy the peace and quiet. The anti-gravity environment allows the body to produce natural endorphins that completely refreshes the body.

As the guest floats, their breathing will deepen and their heart rate will slow down. Blood pressure and oxygen intake are reduced with the relaxation, but the body increases its distribution of red blood cells. This treatment also loosens muscles and aids in a natural acceleration of the healing process. While floating, the body will be replenished with essential minerals due to the epsom salts that are mixed within the water.

Flotation therapy provides the guest with a getaway from daily stress to a warm, soothing bath of water that reduces pain and normalizes blood pressure. Increasing both brain waves and creativity, floating introduces an inner rest to the body that the guest could not have gotten while falling asleep at night. 

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