Debra K Premieres TV Show on Healthy Aging


TV host and natural health explorer, Debra K, is presenting the secrets to better healthcare and longevity in her upcoming new television show “Senior Moments.” She will be talking about valuable stories from Deborah Szekely, Tennessee’s Dollywood, Hospice of the Bluegrass and the Kogod Center of Aging at Mayo Clinic. Each story is meant to benefit viewers looking for a way to combat aging.

The key audience of this program if for the baby boomers that are starting to hit the age of 65. By 2030, there will be 72 million people representing the older population in the U.S. The program will air on PBS in November.

 “We have to do something right now to empower and educate our older population to keep them healthy and in their homes for as long as possible,” said host and executive producer Debra K. “‘Senior Moments’ will help older adults and their caretakers set a path toward wellness and stop the crisis we are heading toward as our older population begins to pressure our healthcare system.”

Debra K launched her first show, “The Journey into Wellbeing,” in 2013, providing engaging, educational and inspiring content for people looking to improve on their health.

 “I know what I am supposed to do in my lifetime. I find and share stories about people committed to helping others achieve greater wellbeing. When I do this, there is potential to change lives,” added Debra K.

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