Finding the Right Path to Spa Success with Candace Holyfield

Stories of Success: Candace Holyfield
Holyfield sat down with Skin Inc. to discuss the growing trend of dermaplaning.
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When it comes to business education in esthetics school, there is a gap that is in desperate need of being filled. Covering topics like spa operations, marketing and budgeting are crucial when it comes to spa success, which is why Candace Holyfield, founder of Six Figure Spa Chick, created an iconic platform that has helped hundreds of industry pros build a profitable and successful spa. This includes 26 professionals who have reached more than a million dollars in profit.  After getting her start in massage therapy, Holyfield discovered esthetics and fell in love with healing through human touch. Holyfield sat down with Skin Inc. to discuss the growing trend of dermaplaning and the endless paths to industry education she uses to stay ahead in esthetics.

Skin Inc. (SI): How did you get started in the industry?

Candace Holyfield (CH): My entry into the spa industry marks a significant departure from my 13-year tenure as a waitress. While considering nursing as my next career move, I stumbled upon the world of massage therapy and fell in love with it, compelling me to pursue this path. Now, 14 years later, my journey stands as a testament to the power of seizing unexpected opportunities.

SI: What inspired you to go into esthetics?

CH: What inspired me to delve into esthetics was my journey as a licensed massage therapist. Through continuous education courses, I discovered the realm of esthetics and fell in love with body treatments and the ability to heal people through therapeutic touch.

SI: What does a typical day at work look like for you?

CH: Today, my typical day involves a boatload of activities. I engage in meetings with corporate clients to finalize deals, travel to events like Super Bowl weekends in Vegas to power spa activation stations and lead my team of seven individuals. Additionally, I oversee Spa Boss Tribe, a platform where I guide thousands of spa professionals in marketing strategies.

SI: What is the most important part of running Six Figure Spa Chick to you?

CH: The most crucial aspect of running Six Figure Spa Chick is bridging the gap for spa professionals. There's a significant void in operations education within the industry. Concepts like marketing, budgeting, team building and operations aren't typically covered in traditional schooling. As a result, many spa professionals struggle when it comes to building their own businesses. I take immense pride in providing support to these individuals, helping them achieve significant success as business owners.

SI: What is your favorite skin care trend you've seen come up recently?

CH: One skin care trend that I absolutely adore is the dermaplane facial. Witnessing the removal of all that peach fuzz and seeing how it leaves the skin incredibly smooth is my favorite. This service is in high demand, and my lead esthetician's schedule is consistently booked with appointments for it.

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SI: What is your greatest accomplishment?

CH: My greatest accomplishment is empowering 26 spa professionals who own businesses to achieve their first million dollars in revenue. Additionally, I am extremely proud to have received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Biden for my dedicated community service work within the spa community.

SI: What is your favorite part about the spa industry?

CH: My favorite part of the spa industry is its diversity and the opportunity for a lifelong career. There are countless modalities, products and licenses to explore, and the collaboration between professionals, ranging from doctors to holistic practitioners, is truly inspiring. I take immense pride in being a part of the spa industry, as it has not only changed my life for the better, but also continuously provides avenues for growth and innovation.

SI: What is your best piece of advice for new or aspiring estheticians?

CH: My best advice for new or aspiring estheticians is to never hold yourself back. Take your career seriously, whether you're running your own business or working for someone else. Additionally, I highly recommend setting up your business correctly from the beginning, including maintaining good financial records and being prepared to seek funding if needed. Operational costs can be significant for spa professionals in the early stages of building their careers, so proper planning and organization is crucial.

SI: How do you keep your knowledge of the industry fresh?

CH: To ensure my knowledge of the industry remains current and dynamic, I have a couple of different strategies. I attend a minimum of four trade shows annually and regularly enroll in new classes every month. Additionally, as a partner with The Skin Games, I founded my own Spa Queen Expo, and I frequently travel to spas worldwide for market research purposes. I engage in daily conversations with spa professionals to address challenges and collaboratively find solutions. Also, I actively participate in several advisory boards, including one that I founded, with professionals such as nurses, estheticians and nail technicians from across the country.

SI: What is your favorite hobby?

CH: My favorite hobby is traveling. Each week, I find myself out of town conducting spa audits, and assisting spa professionals in transforming their businesses from negative to positive revenue. To maintain balance and rejuvenate myself, I prioritize international travel every quarter, allowing me to recharge and explore new destinations.

SI: Where do you see the future of the spa industry headed?

CH: The future of the spa industry is evolving with technology and new advancements in medicine. While innovation continues to shape our field, the fundamental power of therapeutic touch can never be replaced. We are fortunate to be in an industry that thrives on providing healing and relaxation. Looking ahead, I think we will see the introduction of new machines with advanced technology and the development of products designed to deliver faster and more effective results.

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