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How do you make more money? In the spa industry, making more money requires planning and thought. You can invest your time and money in any number of things. Do you re-vamp your spa menu? Do you invest in a new treatment? Maybe, you can re-model your waiting room? Or maybe, growing your spa business or practice requires something more simple.

At Face & Body Midwest's business track, Jesse Cormier presented an easy way to make money by focusing on the basics.


Remember, a client might forget what you said, they might forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. - Jesse Cormier, Associated Skin Care Professionals (based on a quote from Maya Angelou)

Start With 5-Star Service

Cormier presented six specific areas that beauty professionals should consider to improve their service.

1. Making a good first impression. Earlier in the day, Michelle Phillips stressed the importance of making a first impression. Jesse Cormier reiterated this message. She also added that your first impression might not be in-person. It might be online or over the phone.

2. Build trust. Trust is important in retaining customers. You build trust by being honest and open with clients. Address any concerns they have in their intake, ask for preferences and update their information after each visit.

3. Before treatment service. Is your treatment room a mess before a client comes in? Is your waiting room outdated and can use a re-do? These elements might be distracting from the overall experience of a client. Ask new clients what they think about your spa and services.

4. Focus on the treatment. During the treatment itself, stay with your client and focus on them. Don't take any phone calls or texts. Ask them how they are feeling and if the noise level is appropiate. Most importantly, educate your client, so they can feel confident about their treatment.

5. Prepare for home care. Don't be afraid to make product recommendations. When considering product recommendations, make sure to consider the client's goals and any concerns that they might have.

6. Reward loyalty. Loyalty will make you royalty. If a client is coming back, make sure to acknowledge their loyalty. Provide them with a complimentary service or a free gift. If they are dedicated clients, you will make the money back from whatever you give them.

An attendee at Face & Body Midwest

Results Through Service

Commenting on the importance of these areas, Jesse Cormier said, “Keeping up on your education and training, and exceeding your clients’ needs, wants and desires, they could very well take their business elsewhere. We all know it’s much more difficult to attract new clients than it is too keep our loyal clients coming back. Remember, a client might forget what you said, they might forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

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