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Reflections: Shine Bright

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You may have noticed that there is a “glow” to this month’s issue. We chose radiance as a theme for August 2019, but this theme reaches far beyond glowing skin.

In the past few years, radiancy has taken hold of the skin care industry as a goal nearly all clientele are looking to achieve. Propelling this desire is Korean beauty (K-beauty) with trends such as “glass skin” as well as makeup techniques such as strobing and contouring.

As skin care experts, we know that highlighter, contour palettes, glow sticks, luminizing drops and shimmer powders are only going to go so far, and it is what is underneath that really counts. Discussing how to achieve radiant, healthy, glowing skin in this issue is Barbara Arnoux with her rules for radiance. I won’t go into the details, but Arnoux highlights the four main rules as: exfoliation is key, personalization is a must, the barrier must be strong and hydration is non-negotiable.

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Arnoux notes in the beginning of her article that while the environment, UV radiation and genetics can affect radiancy, lifestyle choices, stress and overall health also play a big part.

While we can recommend an increased water intake and a healthy diet, if a client is burned out, their inner light won’t shine. Lisa Stewart provides six tips to let your soul radiate, with examples including being grateful, choosing good thoughts and celebrating your life, among others. Taking a similar approach, Vanda Teixeira gives us five ways to increase our inner glow on. She notes that we must connect to our breath and let go of what makes us feel ugly.

As skin care professionals, we have the tools at our disposal to give a client radiant skin on the outside; however, we are granted the beautiful gift of personal connection that allows us to help their inner light glow. Take the time to help clients on both fronts, and both of you are sure to shine bright.

Yours in Luminosity,


Katie Anderson

Senior Managing Editor